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    2. Happy new year
      2019-12-31 13:42:51
      Anyang eternal sea metallurgical material co.,ltd wish you h...
    3. Ferrosilicon steady rise in small and medium-sized companies
      2019-12-13 09:31:15
      The market for ferrosilicon has risen steadily in recent day...
    4. Baosteel: China Baowu Plans To Transfer 2.19% Of Its Shares To Shougang Group For Free
      2019-12-11 09:38:07
      Baosteel announced that on December 10, 2019, the company re...
    5. China's Polar Steel Embarks On An Arctic Journey
      2019-12-09 09:47:33
      On the 6th, Hunan Hualing Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. ...
    6. The Coal Power Long-term Agreement Signing Enters The Peak Period, The Industry Is Expected To Reduce The Pressure On Power Plants Next Year
      2019-12-06 09:50:24
      The 2020 National Coal Fair, hosted by the China Coal Indust...
    7. Investment Concerns | Vietnam Urges to Stop Building Coal-Fired Power Plants
      2019-12-04 10:39:26
      The "Vietnam Energy Outlook 2019" recently issued ...
    8. National Ferro Silicon Operating Rate and Total Production Statistics for November
      2019-12-02 10:23:42
      The latest statistics show that in November, there were 93 f...
    9. Early review of ferrosilicon on November 29, 2019
      2019-11-29 09:58:42
      Today, the mainstream price of the ferrosilicon market is co...
    10. South Korea-funded Overseas Coal Power Plant Could Cause 150,000 Premature Deaths
      2019-11-27 10:28:09
      According to the latest report from Greenpeace's East As...
    11. Hunan Thermal Power signed the world's largest 950 MW solar thermal photovoltaic hybrid power station project in Dubai, UAE
      2019-11-25 10:55:15
      On November 21st, China Energy Construction Group Hunan Ther...
    12. The First In China's Capital Market! Pangang Successfully Issued 142 Million ABN Bonds
      2019-11-22 09:57:45
      On November 18, Pangang successfully issued the Huixin Suppl...
    13. Ferrosilicon Tariffs Are Expected To Be Temporarily Adjusted In 2020
      2019-11-18 10:19:19
      "China Ferroalloy Online" 2019-11-18: According to...
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